5 Best Bamboo Steamers On The Market

A bamboo steamer is a rather rare and exotic kitchen appliance. But it is more the positive side since this way you can always surprise your guests by cooking with something they have never seen before. Discover all the benefits that this traditional Asian steamer can bring to your meal.

Bamboo steamers are great because they have a feature to absorb extra moisture, keeping condensation from pooling up under the lid and dripping all over your food. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, so following the latest trends with an appliance like this will be easy.

Of you want your bamboo steamer to be durable, it must be thick, high-quality reeds and woven together tightly to ensure that they don’t unravel. And even though this product is rare, there are some decent items on Amazon that you will find in the article down below.

helenchenHelen Chen's Asian Kitchen 4-Inch Bamboo Steamers
A compact classic bamboo steamer, made of of top-quality materials. Perfect for small portions.
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voncshefVonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer with Stainless Steel Banding
One of the most popular items on the market, with steel edges and the set of two pieces
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huangyifuHUANGYIFU 7-12Inch Natural 2-Tier Handicraft Food Bamboo Steamer
Large-size bamboo steamer, made from Japanese red-cedar wood, great for bigger portions or cooking 2 dishes at the same time
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worldofflavoursKitchenCraft World of Flavours Bamboo Steamer Basket
2-tier natural woven food steamer, allows to layer up the food, has the 1-year warranty
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kenhomKen Hom Steamer
A product designed by a famous chef, of the top-quality materials and extra durability
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1. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen 4-Inch Bamboo Steamers

helenchenIn the classic Asian traditions, this is a compact steamer for the smaller portions of food. It is a high-quality product, so it promises to serve you a long life. It features sleek, hand-crafted slats of bamboo that are strong and beautifully woven together with wooden pegs (which means there are no metal components that could rust or wear down).

When you close the lid, it fits snugly on top, creating a tight seal to lock in the steam. A standard package of this product includes two items, so they can be stacked together if you want to cook two dishes at once. 2-tiers offer ample room for making a single or multiple servings.

By the way, remember this important thing about the bamboo steamers: they can be washed only by hand, don’t put them into the dishwasher.

With this cute and compact steamer, you will be able to cook such meals as vegetables, dumplings, eggs, meat, poultry, etc. Just give it a try and you will see how delicious the food can be when it is cooked ina bamboo steamer.

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2. VonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer with Stainless Steel Banding

voncshefThis item is a little more pricy than a previous one, but for sure it’s worth the money. If you check it out on Amazon, you can see that it has more than 600 reviews and the main part of them are positive. It has a beautiful design, versatile and durable appliance.

The delicately woven bamboo is both water-resistant and quick-drying, so it won’t get soggy or develop any weird smells. The main feature that distinguishes this steamer from the previous one is that this one has the metal rings. But despite some opinions, this feature only makes it stronger and none complained of any rust or wear.

Another advantage worth highlighting in this product is its lid that fits the top perfectly and seals tightly. The separate compartments allow you to cook two different dishes at once. If you decide to order this product you will receive a pleasant bonus of a pair of chopsticks and 50 wax liners.

Just one aspect you should remember about while using this bamboo steamer is that it is quite a fragile construction. Also, the material itself is not that sturdy, so it’s possible it is disintegrating over time.

Also, take into consideration that the height of this item is lower than the regular one – think if you’re willing to pay that sum of money for a product like this. There are cheaper and higher versions on the market.

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3. HUANGYIFU 7-12Inch Natural 2-Tier Handicraft Food Bamboo Steamer

Unlike the previous item, this one is quite a large steamer which will allow you to steam big portions of meals or several dishes at once. This is the three-tier food steamer that offers plenty of space. Moreover, it is made of high-quality material that guarantees its durability and reliability.

huangyifuA curious fact about this product is that this one is made from Japanese red-cedar wood. But don’t rush to turn it down, because this material is not worse than the original bamboo. Moreover, they have similar characteristics, in terms of being absorbent and preventing moisture from dripping onto your food.

The three tiers are each almost two inches deep, and the cedar puts out a sweet aroma while you cook. And even though this item is bigger in size than the previous two, it is still quite lightweight.

If you go to check out this item on the Amazon, you will see that it has customizable sizes. There are more than 10 variations of sizes and depths of this steamer. Another funny aspect you will find there is that the seller says it is actually made of bamboo.

Not that it is a critical point since as it has already been mentioned before, red-cedar wood and bamboo have similar properties. But in case you are looking for a steamer made exactly of bamboo, then you should go for another item.

A pleasant bonus is when you buy this steamer it comes together in a package with an inspirational oriental recipe to get you started.

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4. KitchenCraft World of Flavours Bamboo Steamer Basket

worldofflavoursWorld of Flavours is the brand that specializes specifically in the Asian cuisine and the cookware for that. This steamer is another high-quality product by this company. This 2-tier natural woven food steamer cooks food gently, helping to retain nutrients and flavor.

With this steamer, you can always easily layer up your food in two tiers, then place in a wok over simmering water. An interesting fact about this item is that it actually comes with a 1-year warranty. So in case, you notice that the materials are disintegrating or there is some weird smell, you will get a refund by the manufacturer.

It is an ideal tool for cooking vegetables, fish, rice (just like in the rice cooker), couscous, and dim sim. For a truly authentic feel the bamboo steamer is made from natural, woven bamboo and comes complete with a matching removable lid.

When you hold this steamer you can feel that its construction is robust enough to last at least for one year. By the way, the true high-quality bamboo only hardens its shape when exposed to the steam.

All you need to do is to be careful when you wash it. Don’t scrub too strong otherwise, the components might fall apart.

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5. Ken Hom Steamer

kenhomFor those people who like products made under the name of artists or TV-stars, this bamboo steamer is an item to check out. Have you ever heard of Ken Hom chef? He is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine.

As he claims himself, his motto is using not only the high-quality ingredients in the meal he cooks, but also using the top-level cookware and accessories to help give every stir-fry great flavor. By the way, this item was released to the market in 1986 and hasn’t lost its popularity since then. This aspect makes it worth being mentioned on our list as well.

The steamer made of high-quality bamboo and it has a robust structure so this time you can be sure it won’t fall apart. It is ideal for cooking vegetables, rice or fish simultaneously as well as a variety of other dishes.

Simply fill a wok with boiling water until it almost reaches the level of the lower shelf, place the food in the steamer baskets on a plate or piece of greaseproof baking paper and pop the lid on.

kenhomsteamerHere, the slatted base of each tier allows steam to penetrate and circulate through to the very top, ensuring food cooks perfectly with minimal loss of nutrients. The stackable design allows for using both or just one basket at a time depending on what and how much you want to steam.

Based on traditional shape and design it is suitable for use with all Ken Hom woks but also works well with a number of other pans. The diameter of this steamer consists of 20 cm which means you can cook portions of food for the four people at one take.

The multi-functional design also makes it ideal for use at the dinner table to serve up a delicious and nutritious dinner. The lid is easy to remove when it use with a loop handle positioned on the top. Simply lift up to check if food is ready to serve.

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FAQ for bamboo steamer buyers

1. Is it necessary to have a bamboo steamer in the kitchen? 

No, it is not. But it is a very nice addition to the main set of cookware that you have. Moreover, cooking with a bamboo steamer is one of the healthiest ways to cook the food.

2. Are the bamboo steamers expensive? 

As you can see from this article, they’re not. So it is another point to buy one for your kitchen.

3. What is the difference between a metal, plastic and bamboo steamer?

There is no big difference in terms of the ending result, it’s just about the different techniques that are needed to be applied while cooking with those different types of steamers.

There is a lot of discussion about the differences (if any) between a stainless steel steamer (used with a lid and saucepan) and a bamboo steamer (often used with a wok or other wide-type pan).

There are also electric steamers on the market, but a bamboo steamer is a better choice for those who would rather stay away from plastic, and instead want to opt for natural, environmentally-friendly materials.

4. What should I do if my steamer has disintegrated while washing? 

First of all, the first rule of washing the bamboo steamers is that they need to be washed with warm soapy water and in no other way.

And if you feel like the construction is getting weaker while you are scrubbing the steamer, then try to apply less pressure until it is too late. In cases the steamer has already fallen apart, there is pretty much nothing that you can do.

Warning: don’t try to stick back the steamer with a glue. It will have the negative effect of the meal you are going to cook in the streamer next time.