5 Best Electric Tortilla Maker Reviews

The tortilla maker is a specialized compact oven for making tortilla. It maintains optimal baking conditions for soft dough and significantly reduces cooking time.

How does the tortilla maker work?

The device is a construction of two leaves made in the form of pans. The first one serves as a basis for laying the tortilla, and the second one is used as a tight lid.

They are fastened to each other by means of a hinge, which makes the structure incomprehensible. Heating elements are built into the lower and upper sash.

This ensures uniform heating of the food being baked inside. The tortilla maker is made of heat-resistant plastic, in more expensive stainless steel appliances.

In this video you will find out how to use a tortilla maker:

The metal working parts of the device, which are in direct contact with the dough, are non-stick coated. This means that the smallest amount of vegetable oil is needed to lubricate the mold when preparing the tortilla.

The non-stick coating works so well in individual devices that no oil is needed to lubricate the molds.

On the outside of the tortilla is a light indicator that indicates that the heating elements are being heated or cooled during cooking. Many devices have a timer and thermostat for added comfort.

The shape of the appliance ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed around the entire cooking area. Thanks to this, cooked dishes have no problem with the dry stuffing.

Tortilla maker features

Despite this name, this equipment can be used not only for cooking tortilla but also for other dishes that can be baked in the oven. But, using this device can speed up the baking process many times over.

During cooking, many devices allow you to turn off the upper heating element. For this purpose, they have a roasting mode. When it is switched on, the oven can be used in the open.

In this case, it works just like an ordinary pan. In contrast, the shape is heated uniformly both in the center and at the edges.

Device selection parameters

If you want to buy a tortilla maker, it is best to navigate by the following parameters:

  • The diameter of the form
  • Depth of form
  • Power level
  • Presence of a temperature controller and timer

These are the basic criteria on which most of the ease of use of the tortilla depends. As for the shape diameter, it is this parameter that affects the size of the tortilla that can be cooked. You can find devices for cooking small and large tortilla on sale.

If it is small, the practical application of the device is limited to tortilla only. Higher devices can be used to bake tortillas, which increase in volume as they are ready.

A very important criterion is the power level of the tortilla. There are devices with an energy consumption of 1-1.8 kW. The higher this parameter is, the faster the cooking process is.

Weak appliances take longer to reach the desired temperature, so the tortilla is cooked for about 25 minutes. A powerful tortilla cooker will do this in 15 minutes. For a perfect tortilla, you can use a tortilla press.

tortilla maker

Lower price category equipment only has an on the button. Its capacity is calculated in such a way to ensure that the tortilla is baked for a certain period of time as specified in the instructions. It is much better to have a thermoregulator and timer.

In this case, the baking intensity of the dough can be adjusted. You can also switch off the heating automatically when it is ready. This allows you to move away from the mini oven without worrying that the contents will burn.

The temperature change option also allows you to change the modes to cook other dishes besides tortilla. For example, a higher temperature can be used for pies and a smaller temperature for thin pancakes.

But, in addition to the basic selection criteria, there are extra points to pay attention to. First of all, it concerns the impression of reliability. Even with a quick glance at the device body, you can determine how well it is made.

If very thin casements are used, this indicates a lack of enough thermal insulation. Such tortillas are worse at holding the temperature. More massive devices are better.

Although they will take up more space, they maintain more favorable conditions for baking dough.

The sashes of the tortilla holder should fit tightly together and snap without any gaps that would allow heat to escape through. When the device does not latch the upper lid, and if it is made of plastic, there may be a deformation of the casing during heating.

In this case, the lid will be slightly raised by the temperature, creating a gap for temperature dispersion.

tortilla maker light indicator

Various small details are also important. Such as the presence of non-slip feet for mounting the device on a table, as well as places for winding the mains cable.

Also important is the convenient location of buttons or the change wheel, if they are provided constructively.

It is best if the upper heating element of the device is as concealed as the lower one. In this case, the tortilla will warm up more evenly from above.

A temperature distribution lid will be used between the heater and the unit. Such devices do not really dry dough and stuffing.

This model of electric tortilla maker has the best feedback:

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This electric tortilla maker comes with an excellent heating element which helps to cook more portions faster that the other models. 
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Other great electric tortilla makers:

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

This device pumps out large, deliciously crunchy snacks and appetizers in no time. It has slip-resistant grip. 

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CHARON 28.5cm Electric Tortilla Maker

CHARON 28.5cm Electric Tortilla Maker

This model will help you to cook delicious tortillas for a big number of people. You can also cook various breakfast dishes. 

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Nostalgia Electrics 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla & Tortilla Maker

Nostalgia Electrics 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla & Tortilla Maker

The tortilla maker includes 6 sectional pieces to make perfect portions of tortilla. You can also cook tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, or gyros.

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CucinaPro Tortilla Maker

CucinaPro Tortilla Maker

With this device you can bake 10-inch tortillas, pitas, or flatbreads. It comes with aluminium non-stick plates. 

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REVEL CTM-680 TORTILLA MAKERThis tortilla maker is delivered in a cardboard box.

It shows you a picture of the tortilla in the ajar, as well as several photos of appetizing dishes, demonstrating the capabilities of the device.

The appearance of the tortilla maker can be defined as harmonious and reveals the potential of the device at a glance.

This tortilla can be operated as a decomposed version. It is completely unfolded and both halves stand firmly on the plane where the device is operated.

Both halves are equipped with legs to prevent slipping.

The left half of the tortilla holder can be used as an electric frying pancake, and the right half as a grill, as well as a classic pancake.

You can also put a casserole, quiche, or a closed tortilla on the left side and then cover it with a flat lid. Or you can put pizza, for example, on a flat lid and close it with a hot concave part.

This way you can get the oven for making pizzas. At the bottom, there is a place to store the cord. The tortilla maker itself can be stored in an upright position.

The tortilla maker comes with instructions in several languages. The most useful thing here is a table showing how to match the thermostat position and how to heat it in a closed and open view.

This tortilla maker is easy to operate. The only thing you need to remember is that in order for the device to start working, both rotary knobs must be activated. Both the timer and the heating level.

The timer is designed for the largest of thirty minutes. At the end of the work, it makes a loud enough sound to remember the process taking place in the device.

This is probably the main function of the timer, in addition to the fact that the process will not start without starting it.

Once it reaches zero, the timer will stop the heating. So even if you’re so scattered that you can fry, like a tortilla, and then leave home, there will be no fire. The worst part is, the dish will dry up a little.

This tortilla has 5 levels of heating. The flat part in each of the positions is 10 degrees hotter than in the frying pan. In the closed position, it gets 5 degrees warmer inside.

In the smallest model in the open position, the temperatures will be 80 and 90 degrees at the top and bottom, and 95 degrees inside in the closed position.

In the largest model, these figures will be 190, 210, and 215 degrees respectively. The largest temperature on the heating cycle is reached when the lid is closed and will be 245 degrees.

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George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla MakerThis tortilla maker has good and great functionality. So, despite the name, the whole range of its activities is not limited to the preparation of the tortilla.

With its help, you can easily and quickly bake tortillas, pancakes, make a lush omelet, fry steaks, stew, or even make cakes.

This tortilla maker can be used as an electric grill and electric frying pan to the largest extent possible. The tortilla maker consists of two non-stick coated surfaces.

It can be used as a decomposition unit – and then you can cook different foods on the two surfaces at the same time, and folded.

The tortilla holder is equipped with special legs so that it does not slide and stands firmly.

During cooking, the manufacturer recommends placing a heat-resistant gasket under the appliance. This will prevent damage to the surface on which the tortilla holder will stand during heating.

A special place for storing the cord, located at the bottom. The ability to turn the heated surfaces at 180 ° C will be very pleased to those who do not want to take up much space in the kitchen.

The control of the appliance is very simple. For the tortilla to work, just turn the two handles: the timer and the heating level. The first is designed for the largest of 30 minutes, the second – from 80 to 215 ° C.

A table of conformity of position of the thermostat with heating is available in a special instruction, which is attached to the device. It is also indicated here that in the open and closed position the temperature will differ with the same indicator.

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CHARON 28.5cm Electric Tortilla Maker

CHARON 28.5cm Electric Tortilla MakerIt’s a small, but quite productive tortilla. Its power is 1,300 watts. In the deep bowl of this model, you can cook almost any dish, and the flat one is used as a grill.

Its main purpose of the machine performs well: the tortilla is tasty and does not stick.

The machine can be turned upside down by 180 degrees, which is very convenient for cooking. This allows you to bake food evenly on both sides.

On the side of the appliance, there is an adjustable operating timer and temperature change.

During cooking, the handles are fastened together to avoid accidental opening. The cord is hidden in a special compartment. The tortilla holder stands on rubberized feet, which stick to the surface so that it is fixed in place and does not slide.

The casing is made of plastic and metal. The multifunctionality, reliability, and compactness of this tortilla maker make it one of the best on the market.

The handy electrical appliance for the kitchen can bake tortilla, pancakes and fry meat with a mouth-watering crust. This is made possible thanks to the special two-way heating and three cooking modes.

The original design of the case will please the eye, and the convenient size of the device will allow you to store compactly. There are two indicators to guide you through the cooking process: power and heating.

When preparing food, do not overfill the appliance in a closed position. Steam released during cooking usually escapes through a special slot in the seal.

If there is too much food, the egg mass will clog this hole and the steam will have nowhere to go when preparing tortilla. This is obviously fraught with trouble.

It is recommended that you wipe the tortilla maker body with a damp kitchen cloth and the inside with a cloth or kitchen towel. It is not permitted to place the appliance under a jet of water, let alone wash it in a dishwasher.

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Nostalgia Electrics 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla & Tortilla Maker

Nostalgia Electrics 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla & Tortilla MakerIt’s a stylish, mechanically controlled 1450W tortilla. The body is made of quality plastic. There is protection against overheating and temperature regulation.

Heating is smooth – nothing will burn and will not overcook. Two light bulbs will tell you whether the device is on or off and whether the pizza is ready.

The model is top and bottom heated and can be folded out. Both halves are smooth and non-stick coated. The tortilla holder has rubberized feet.

Thanks to this, the surface on which it stands is not heated. The device itself does not slide even on a smooth surface.

In addition to the tortilla in this device, you can also prepare cakes, meat, vegetables, and other dishes.

In this model, the tortilla is quickly baked and turns out very tasty. Buyers love this product.

The luxury model of the electric frying pan with grill function is made in black color. The device allows you to cook delicious crispy crusted tortillas. This unit has three built-in heating modes: bottom, top, bottom + top.

The food tank is made of artificial ceramic stone, on which heat is distributed evenly. Food particles do not stick to the bowl and do not burn. After cooking, the container is easy to take out and rinse.

The appliance is equipped with legs that prevent the hot appliance from interacting with the surface of the table. Thanks to the thermally insulated handle, you will not have to worry about getting burned against the lid of the tortilla maker during cooking.

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CucinaPro Tortilla Maker

CucinaPro Tortilla MakerIt is a functional model on mechanical control, which will please fans of home tortilla and not only. It’s really convenient to use.

The tortilla holder is equipped with light indicators so that you do not miss the time when the tortilla will be ready. There are also temperature regulators.

The device can easily replace an oven – in addition to tortilla, you can cook anything in it. The power is 1450 W. The casing is made of heat-resistant plastic.

The top and bottom panels are heated. Both are suitable for frying or baking.

The diameter of the device is 30 cm – the tortilla will be large and will feed even a group of friends.

This tortilla comes with a silicone spatula, a baking mat, and an apron. You do not have to buy everything you need in the store. With it, cooking will be convenient.

Judging by the reviews, the tortilla in this model is prepared quickly and turns out very tasty. It is very easy to control the device – anyone will understand. Buyers are happy with the main buy and pleasant additions, so recommend this tortilla to others.

The plates heat up quickly and bake the dough evenly, preventing it from sticking. The casing is made of high-strength plastic and has a handle that does not heat. The control type is mechanical.

To understand that the tortilla is ready, it is easy by the light indicators on and off. All control buttons are located on the front panel.

You can set the heating parameters by yourself. After cooking, the cord can be easily rolled up into a special storage compartment on the device case.

This chip cooker has two functional halves – the upper one with strips like a grill and the lower one is smooth. They can be folded out and both are fully functional.

Thus, in addition to the tortilla, you can also bake meat, vegetables, and potatoes in this unit. The largest temperature is about 216-220℃.

The model is made with non-stick coating, so the dough does not stick to the surface. It’s also easy to take care of. Try nonstick cookware, to ensure that this material is one of the best. This tortilla maker has a small price and fast frying. You can make many portions of it in a short time.

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FAQ for electric tortilla maker buyers

Which tortilla material is better: aluminum or cast iron?

The material affects the equality of the tortilla and the amount of effort required to press the tortilla. Heavy cast iron tortilla maker may be too flattened the tortilla. At the same time, a lighter material requires more effort to cook.

How do you clean a tortilla maker?

Use a dry or wet cloth to clean it.

Can I freeze my home tortilla?

You can freeze tortillas by putting them in an airtight bag beforehand. For convenience, we recommend separating the tortillas with parchment paper.

How do I make a thin tortilla?

An iron tortilla is a right choice for you. Warm it to medium or high temperatures. Place the dough on one side, roll it out and press the top of the tortilla.