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There is a very simple and straightforward way to learn how to Write for Us. We’re looking for content creators who understand modern kitchen appliances and can bring us the latest trends in the world of kitchen gadgets and tools. But if you want to succeed, you will need to write quality content that will draw in readers and build your audience. Here are some tips to help you get started. Listed below are the most important guidelines when writing for us. We will review and edit each article to ensure that it is high-quality and unique.

Article Submission Guidelines:
1) The article should be 800+ words, 100% unique, well-written, and relevant to our website contents.
2) If you are writing an informative post, then we will be able to approve your article.
3) You have to include your link very relevantly in the body of the article. Otherwise, our moderator will not accept it. We allow only 1 do-follow link to your website in the body of the article!
4) For an informative article, we are only able to promote either the homepage of your site or an informative blog post. No other pages are allowed for promotion.
5) If your website is not related to our niche, we are only able to promote an informative blog post from your site. The blog post needs to be somewhat related to cooking appliances, kitchen utensils, and tools.
6) If you are promoting the homepage of your website, you have to use your website brand name or the domain name as the anchor text. If you are promoting an informative page or blog post, you can add the link in any relevant anchor text.
7) Before proceeding with the order and payment, you need to send us your article or promotional link so we can review and approve it. Once it is approved, we can proceed with the order.
8) To improve the SEO structure of the article, our moderator may add a few other high-authority links in the article body.
9) We cannot approve a link from the websites related to drugs, CBD, betting, adult, dating, casino, gambling, crypto, forex, illegal, unethical, or similar.
10) If you do not accept any of the above points, please do not submit your article. If you have any questions in mind that you wish to clear, please let us know before proceeding with the order.


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