Burger grill time chart (full list)

Burger grill time chart

Meat minced meat for cutlets is good because it can be used to cook cutlets of different degrees of frying. Some people like to order or cook burgers with raw meatballs. Others like to fry the cutlets so that they are like rubber soles and are as fried as possible. But of course, most people … Read more

7 Best Refrigerator Brands


Even though that ancient Chinese civilizations stored their ice about 1000 B.C., and ancient Egyptians and Indians learned to leave earthenware pots out during cold nights to make ice, the first refrigerator ever was invented in 1842 by an American doctor, which worked on the vapor-compression cycle. By the way, here we can see that … Read more

All excicting 19 types of knives

All excicting 19 types of knives

There are more than 30 different models of cutting tools for cutting and cleaning products. Of course, not all types of kitchen knives are needed in the home kitchen. We collected the best reviews that consist of great knives for different purposes: A chef’s threesome will suffice for most daily dishes. But why not add … Read more

3 Types of meat slicers compared

Types of meat slicers compared

Slicers are used in cookery for cutting various types of products. With the help of a slicer, you can easily thoroughly cut meat or fish, cheese, smoked food. Most often such items are used at enterprises processing meat or fish. This overview presents the main types of slicers used for slicing meat. Slicers are also … Read more

3 Types of coffee grinder compared

Types of coffee grinder compared

If you opened this article, then you are a true coffee lover and do not recognize instant drinks in bags. It’s impossible not to agree with you. Soluble coffee is difficult to call real, and the tempting aroma is out of the question. The aroma of instant coffee will be weathered immediately at the opening … Read more

Small microwave vs big microwave compared

Small microwave vs big microwave compared

When choosing a microwave, as with any other household appliance, you should pay attention to its functionality. Before you start buying, you need to decide what you need the microwave for and how you will use it. You can simply heat up your food or prepare different dishes. This is the main criterion by which … Read more

Induction cooktops vs electric cooktops. Which one to choose?

Inuction cooktops vs electric cooktops

To understand the difference between induction and electric cooktops, you should study their operating principle. The electric device heats the burner immediately to the desired temperature. The heat is then transferred to the dishes installed in the work area. The heat is generated by passing an electric current through a conductor. The last one is … Read more

Is air fryer food healthy? – Detailed review

Is air fryer food healthy Detailed review

You can’t eat fried, it’s a healthy eating axiom. And all deep-fried, crispy crust is an absolute evil. But recent studies have shown that some foods become healthier from this method of cooking. Frying is not safe unless the food is fried in animal fats or if vegetable oil is used repeatedly. If the oil … Read more

11 Basic vegetables with different storage conditions

Basic vegetables with different storage conditions

Everybody wants to eat vegetables as fresh as possible, as it is good for the body. But to do so, you need to know how to store them properly. With the right content of vegetables valuable and biologically active substances in them are almost not lost. You must have noticed that sometimes vegetables lie in … Read more

10 Best microwave brands on the market

Best microwave brands on the market

There are just a few people you can surprise with a microwave anymore. But the oven with the logo of one of the popular brands is still able to impress guests. But how do you know if the devices produced by world-renowned companies are worth their money? Do expensive microwave ovens really have more options … Read more