5 Best Milk Creme Separator Machine Reviews

The milk creme separator machine is one of the most necessary devices in farms and households. It is usually used to make yogurt with a special device, curd, butter, fatty cream, and other dairy products.

A separator is necessary on the farm because milk itself is a highly perishable product. It must thus be processed quickly. This need is particularly felt during milk production. This is usually the case in autumn and summer.

In such cases, separators are very well suited for domestic use. They are small enough and easy to operate. At the same time, they have quite good performance.

Let us consider in more detail the principle of their operation. Separators, both industrial, and household work on the type of a centrifuge. Milk is delivered in a container in the form of a bowl and it starts to be untwisted.

The heavier substance remains at the sidewalls and the cream flows into a special container. To date, the average domestic separator produces about 100 liters in one hour. This capacity allows you to keep quite a decent farm.

Types of milk separators

Separators are usually made of metal or plastic. Plastic dairy separators are much lighter and much cheaper than metal separators.

The view that plastic cages are inferior to metal cages in quality and strength is erroneous.

Here the main thing is not the material from which the device is made, but how to use it, because the main thing is careful and proper care.

metal milk separator plastic milk separator

By a principle of work, separators are divided into manual and electric. Everything here is simple, the separator with manual drive is physical work.

Electric separator does not need manual labor, the main thing here is to add oil, and it will work independently. Of course, the manual dairy separator will not be suitable for the manufacturing of products in large volumes.

But the separator with electric drive can already be used in fairly large farms and to produce a good volume of products.

Although its cost is much higher. But the important factor here is that the manual separator does not need electricity.

The design of the milk creme separator machine

Dairy separator designs can be open, semi-closed and closed. In the first place, the introduction and withdrawal of dairy fractions are not sealed, i.e. the substances are in contact with air.

In the second case, the milk introduction can be either open or closed. But its output occurs in a closed form and under high pressure.

The third option involves the separation and withdrawal of milk fraction in absolute hermeticity.

There are also other types of separators such as purifier separators and separators that normalize milk. In addition to their main functions, cleaners also clean milk from impurities.

This has a beneficial effect on the safety of milk during transport and storage. Normalizers produce a product with a certain specified fat content.

These units are usually equipped with software and are installed in large enterprises.

This short video will give you some essential information about milk creme separator operation:

This model is characterized by the best qualities:

Our Top Pick
MEIJIQI Electric Milk and Cream SeparatorMEIJIQI Electric Milk and Cream Separator

Two litres of fresh whole milk cream with this separator will be cooked in minutes.
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Other great milk creme separators:

Motor Sich Cream Separator

Motor Sich Cream Separator

This device is a centrifuge that separates milk into components. The whole milk and cream are best when they are fresh.

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Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal Separator

Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal Separator

This model favourably differs from analogues by lightness and the favourable price. The body and bowl are made of reliable and practical plastic.

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Milk model 100-18 Cream electric centrifugal Milk Separator Metal

Milk model 100-18 Cream electric centrifugal Milk Separator Metal

This model of milk separator serves to separate whole milk into cream of different degrees of fat content.

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New Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal Separator Machine

This device is irreplaceable when receiving not only cream, but also nonfat milk. It is a healthy and tasty product. 

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MEIJIQI Electric Milk and Cream Separator

MEIJIQI Electric Milk and Cream SeparatorThe first place in the rating is occupied by a milk separator from MEIJIQI.

It is equipped with an electric drive, whose capacity is 80 liters per hour.

The device divides whole milk into skimmed products and cream. It simultaneously cleans the liquid from impurities.

The separator is used in farms and domestic conditions.

The casing is made of metal and the bowl of twelve liters is made of food-grade aluminum. The separator has a power of 300 W.

The weight of the product is 6 kilograms. Owners of the device, who live in the village and keep cattle, can not do without this model.

Buyers note that the device works for many years without any interruptions. They are delighted with the pet sour cream. With 7.5 liters of milk comes out 0.5 liters of product.

The high performance of the model sets it apart from other devices. That is why it is widely used both at home and in extensive production conditions. It can easily process 80 liters per hour.

An extra bonus is the cleaning of the product from dirt, bacteria and microorganisms, debris. There is a sensor on the front of the case. Thanks to this sensor, the user can adjust the operating modes himself.

It is a household separator with low power consumption, thanks to an optimally matched low-power motor.

Despite the household purpose, the device has a high performance and is able to process quite large amounts of milk.

In just 1-2 minutes after switching on the separator, drum develops the operating frequency. Then, it begins the process of separating products.

It is possible to regulate the ratio of fractions received at the output from 1/4 to 1/10. Thus, you can choose the quality and consistency of the final product.

A large loading bowl made of high-strength rigid plastic allows loading up to 5.5 liters of milk at a time. This shortens the processing time for large quantities of raw materials and speeds up the final product.

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Motor Sich Cream Separator

Motor Sich Cream SeparatorThis separator is designed for the same purpose as the previous ranked member. After filtering the milk, it cleans with an internal filter.

It is made of high-quality aluminum and has a capacity of 12 liters. The model features a modern electric motor without electric brushes.

It comes with built-in overload protection, manual change of cylinder speed. The motor provides a smooth start of the machine and stable operation.

The separator capacity is 80 liters per hour. The device is equipped with an alarm system for ready operation.

Buyers liked the compact size of the machine and the affordable price of the product. This device provides extra filtration and disinfection of the product during separation.

The working bowls are made of quality and safe food plastic. It is resistant to long loads, is not heated and odorless. The power of consumption is 200 W.

The device processes approximately 80 liters of production per hour and does it almost continuously. Saving your time and achieving a positive result are key components.

It is an electric separator for household use, in a robust and reliable housing for cream and whole milk return. The high performance extends the range of applications and allows the model to be used in small farms.

Plastic parts of the device do not lose their tidy appearance and factory paint over time. This means that they do not need to be restored. The separator will always look like new.

The quality housing material is resistant to mechanical damage. This ensures reliable protection of the internal components and a long service life.

All parts of the cage are easy to clean from milk residues or foreign matter and do not take up much time or effort to care for.

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Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal Separator

Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal SeparatorThis milk separator has proven to be easy to handle and simple to use, with reliability and durability.

It is an inexpensive device with a capacity of 50 liters per hour. The body of the product is made of durable plastic.

The separator has a nice appearance and is small in size. The main advantage of the model is the new type of electric drive.

Friction in it is carried out due to bearings. Drum speed is from 8 to 12 thousand revolutions per minute.

The model is capable of operating at 160 W. According to farmers, this is one of the best dividers for milk.

It’s a universal separator that works perfectly in different conditions. Regardless of the amount of work presented, it does not show overheating.

It keeps its legs tight, doesn’t shake or fall. Users note high productivity and comfortable work with the device. It is almost noiseless, easy to operate and does not take up much space.

The large capacity of the receiving bowl ensures high productivity and increases the efficiency of the device. This allows the device to be used in small farms in a semi-automatic mode.

The bowl is made of high-quality plastic alloy and is not subject to oxidation, which guarantees purity of the resulting product. The material is resistant to mechanical damage and does not deform even when dropped. this bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Thanks to the increased diameter of the drum, the processing speed and quality of products is increased by 20% compared to other models.

A 60 W brush-collector motor with cone fit and vibration damper ensures long, trouble-free operation. The 60 Watt motor housing is made of highly durable, practical plastic.

The domestic appliance is designed for the separation of whole milk at a temperature of 35 – 40 degrees.

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Milk model 100-18 Cream electric centrifugal Milk Separator Metal

Milk model 100-18 Cream electric centrifugal Milk Separator MetalModification of that model allows for precise control of cream fat content and protects the separator from overloads.

This is achieved by continuously adjusting the drum speed. The unit is easy to use, easy to clean and store.

It weighs only 3 kg and its capacity reaches 100 liters per hour. The total capacity of the bowl is five and a half liters.

The cylinder is made of food-grade steel that is not susceptible to corrosion.

The divider meets all sanitary and hygienic standards. Vibrations and spattering of the product are excluded.

Buyers note that the separator has been used for more than one year for daily washing and gentle care.

The casing is made of durable shockproof material. On it, there is an extra system of manual regulation of drum rotation.

The extra function is also to regulate the fat content of the cream and to clean the raw material from impurities.

The drum is made on a special design, it is not affected by voltage drops in the network. It is considered a compact and profitable device. Minimal power consumption is ensured by a cheap motor of 60 W.

Due to the high rotational speed of the working drum of 12000 rpm, there is a quality separation of fatty fractions.

The volume and consistency of the end product can be adjusted independently between 1/4 and 1/10. The consumer chooses the fat content and density of the cream according to his wishes.

A spacious reception bowl allows for fast processing of large volumes of milk. It helps to get the necessary amount of quality products at the output.

All separator parts are made of absolutely harmless food-grade aluminum alloys. Cream to return ratio is adjustable in the range of 1:4 – 1:10, fat content in return does not exceed 0.05%.

Aluminum components make this model more reliable and durable as an au pair.

It is, perhaps, the best choice for use in the home and small farms containing cattle. It does not just separate milk and cream. At the same time, this separator cleans the products from impurities left after the milk has filtered.

The larger the diameter of the separator drum and plates, the higher the productivity. It also improves the degreasing efficiency of the milk and the washing frequency of the separator plates.

Due to the larger separator drum diameter, the non-stop running time of this separator is 20% longer. Productivity is 15% higher compared to other separators.

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New Milk Cream Electric Centrifugal Separator Machine

NEW MILK CREAM ELECTRIC CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR MACHINEThis electric device processes whole milk and cleans the end product from accidental impurities.

It is a compact separator that produces delicious and thick cream. It is distinguished by its cheap energy consumption and fat change of the product.

The cylinder takes no more than two minutes to reach the operating mode. The ejection bowl is made of heat-resistant plastic.

The capacity of the milk tank is 5.5 liters. Efficient separation takes place at a speed of 12 thousand rpm.

In one hour the unit processes more than 55 liters of milk.

This unit combines the necessary functions for milk processing and disinfection. It looks great in comparison to other separators.

The housing is made of strong, high-quality plastic that is odorless and able to withstand high loads. After drops, the housing will remain intact.

How does it work? The milk bowl and outlets are made of durable, heat-resistant plastic. Drum plates made of high-alloy plastic ensure consistent separation quality.

The device allows processing at home from 50 liters of milk per hour depending on the set cream fat content. The power consumption of the device is 60 W.

The control range of cream to skimmed milk volume ratio is from 1:4 to 1:10. The fat content in return is not more than 0.05%. The temperature of separated milk is 40-45 ° C.

Power supply is 220 V, power consumption is not more than 60 W.

Specific power consumption does not exceed 0.001 kW/hour per 1 kg of processed products. The operating mode of the device is repeated for a short time with a break of 10 minutes after 30 minutes of work.

Speed of rotation of a drum of 12 000 rpm.

How to use it? During the cold period, before turning on the power supply it must be maintained at room temperature for at least three hours. Do not allow any liquid to get inside the drive housing.

This may result in electric shock or failure of the drive. When washing milk dishes to protect against scratches and loss of gloss, do not use chemical or abrasive-containing agents. Store the separator in a dry place.

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FAQ for milk creme separator machine buyers

How long can I use the milk separator?

The separator’s continuous operating time for milk should not exceed 1 hour. Then you should take a break from the milk separator to cool it down – at least 30 minutes.

Does milk need to be prepared for separation?

It is best to separate milk immediately after milking or you can heat it up to 35° – 40° C – at this temperature milk is much better degreased.

Can I choose the fat content of the cream?

You can adjust the cream fat content at your discretion. Usually, the change is made with a square hole screw on top of the separator plate.

How do I clean the milk creme separator machine?

When the work is done, you need to remove the milk, cream and return receivers, and drain the residue. Then remove the drum and rotate it upside down, draining the remnants of the reverse. Wash dishes and disassembled parts of the drum with soda solution, then with clean water and spread out for drying. Wash the rubber ring in clean water and dry in a lying position.